iPhone 6 Plus Clear Glaze Tempered Shield



This Glaze Tempered Shield offers the ultimate protection and it will keep the phone’s screen safe from cracking or scratches.  It has been designed to protect the phone from expensive repairs.

The Japanese glass with a hardness of rating of 9H is impact resistant – rigorous testing includes dropping a 30mm, 130g metal ball onto the phone with the Tempered Shield in place for a height of 50cm.  Other quality checks include a scratch resistant test using a scalpel and an electric drill.


– Custom made for the iPhone 6 Plus
– Japanese glass with a hardness rating of 9H
– A thickness of only 0.4mm maintains a slim and sleek profile
– Bevelled edge for a smooth finish
– No bubbles and easy to apply
– Clearer visibility of the phone’s screen
– A special coating resists oily reside from staying on the screen, with little affect to touch sensitivity
– Anti shatter feature as the glass is designed to fail in one piece removing the possibility of injury from broken glass and creating less mess.

This protector is designed to prevent or minimise the damage to your original screen. Although it is designed to very high standards, it may crack if it received heavy impacts. However this may prevent damage to your original LCD screen. Severe impact may cause the protector and your screen to crack.

EAN: 5055377831868

Categories: Apple Protection

Compatible with:iPhone 6 Plus

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Glaze Tempered Shield

iPhone 6 Plus Clear Glaze Tempered Shield


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