Wireless Bluetooth Music Hat with Hands-free


Wireless Bluetooth Music Hat with Hands-free

Keep your head warm this Winter, with this stylish black hat with extra features! It uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to take your calls from your phone, whilst your phone remains in your pocket! It also has built-in headphones so streams your music wirelessly from your phone too!



  • Cosy unisex hat
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Play your music completely wirelessly
  • Built-in headphones
  • Use to make/receive hands-free phone calls
  • Built-in controls for music & calls
  • Auto power off
  • LED indicator lights

Wireless Bluetooth Music Hat with Hands-free


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Why buy? Stay warm with this knitted hat, and listen to your music! With built-in headphones and Bluetooth technology, you can play your favourite songs completely wirelessly, keeping your phone safely in your pocket. You can also make and receive hands-free calls through the hat!


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